Why Is Samsung LCD Screen Expensive?
Why Is Samsung LCD Screen Expensive?

Doubtlessly, Samsung and Apple are the two brands that are ruling the world. The person has to make a tough decision whether to choose iphone or samsung. However, one has to think twice before buying a Samsung device. Because, the Samsung LCD screen is quite expensive as compared to other mobile phones.samsung Display


Lets understand this by an example, consider you fell from stairs with samsung mobile in your pocket, and you heard a crack sound. If you are a Samsung  user, then you must be praying that the crack sound should be on your bones instead of your mobile phone. Because, treating a broken bone is quite cheaper as compared to Samsung LCD screen.samsung Display


The cost of fixing a flagship phone with an OLED display with bytes or mid range phone from the plane of change left now. According to the official app or website, at least 320 US dollars for dead antennas, LCD screens, and repairs. Which is the same price as buying a brand new samsung Galaxy A 70 with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gb ROM.samsung Display


Samsung Screen samsung Display

Besides prices, Samsung LCD screens are hard to find. Various suppliers deal with fake or non-genuine samsung LCD screens. This can be a reason why Samsung LCD screens are expensive.

However, if you want to buy a Samsung LCD screen at wholesale costs from a professional company, then you should contact us. We are a professional company that deals with spare parts for various mobile phones. Our company deal with spare parts of the following companies:


    1. Apple


    1. Huawei


    1. Ipad


    1. Google


    1. Alcatel 


    1. Infinix


    1. Lg


    1. Motorola


    1. Oneplus


    1. Samsung


    1. Sony


    1. Tecno


    1. Vivo


    1. Xiaomi, and Redmi.


As people say samsung LCD screens are expensive, and are not easily available. We can provide you with a Samsung LCD screen at affordable costs and in bulk quantity. For instance, the price for Samsung S9 Plus OLED LCD screen ranges between $80-$99.

Why choose us?


This is a question everyone asks and we love to answer it. ifixparts.com is a professional company dedicated to providing best services and cost-effective products for customers in the mobile phone LCD screen and spare parts industry. We design and develop products with high quality according to the needs of customers. There are more than enough reasons  to choose us over other suppliers. A few reasons are listed hereunder:


    1. Professional company


    1. Deal with wide variety of products


    1. Affordable prices


    1. Bulk product, and more.



Visit our official website  to get a quote.

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